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Meet Leslie

Familiar to the people of Southwestern Ontario as CTV's Health and Lifestyle Specialist, Leslie Gordon Christie reported for more than a decade before becoming a successful entrepreneur.

As a culinary nutritionist, personal trainer, life coach, and mom, this familiar face seen across North America on CNN and CTV Network is known for transforming bodies and minds. Helping other women to unlock their unlimited potential over and over again. 

Leslie does more than just train bodies, her experience as a life coach has granted her the opportunity to work alongside some of the best in the personal development industry, including Bob Proctor from The Secret and motivational speaker Paul Martinelli. 

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Leslie Christie personal trainer at BUFFnation
Laura Williams personal trainer at BUFFnation

Laura Williams

Laura Williams started BUFFnation in 2011 after having 3 beautiful boys. Since then, she has lost 25 inches and is more fit + smaller than she was prior to having kids!

Growing up on a farm with 6 siblings, sports were not a priority.

"I was never very good at sports. I tried some after meeting my husband when I was 15. Some squash, golf, and a little yoga but it's this program that really let me experience and grow a part of me I was not aware I had."

Laura is now a certified fitness instructor, sharing the BUFFnation program with other women to motivate them to achieve what may seem impossible. She also assists with the healthy lifestyle and cooking program, Delish by Design.

With a family history of diabetes and cancer, Laura feels it's important to live a lifestyle with exercise and a well-balanced diet.

Laura Williams is a dental hygienist and lives in St. George with her husband Matt and their 3 boys: Ryan, Nathan & Morgan.

Courtney Butler personal trainer at BUFFnation

Courtney Butler

Courtney Butler joined BUFFnation in 2011, where she started as a participant. 

She instantly fell in love with training through the program which kick-started her career in 2013 as a Canfitpro Certified Fitness Trainer. By 2014, Courtney started instructing classes at BUFFnation.

BUFFnation has grown into something special for Courtney through the love of how it brings community together.

“I appreciate the strength I have built over the last 10 years. Fitness has become a lifestyle, a stress reliever, and it saved my sanity. I am forever grateful for this program - the women who sweat and work hard right alongside me.”

Courtney is almost 45 years young now and lives in Cambridge, Ont., with her 3 amazing kids. Together with her supportive husband, their family enjoys their two dogs and a crazy cat.

Natalie Fisk personal trainer at BUFFnation

Natalie Fisk

Natalie Fisk joined the BUFFnation program in 2015, after trying one class that was recommended to her. In search of something new to shake up her usual routine, Natalie found something special in the BUFFnation community. The support and fabulous workouts assured the program was the right fit for her.

Leading an active lifestyle, Natalie knows first-hand the impact our behaviours have on our health, mood, mindset, and relationships. 

She is proud to be a part of BUFFnation, “I love to help people and that’s what I get to do every day as a trainer. In my role, I can reach many women and help guide them to their most healthy, happy, and best lives!”

Natalie is a Canfitpro Certified Fitness Trainer and a core confidence specialist (advanced training for the core and pelvic floor). Her passion for fitness acquired her training in pre and postnatal fitness along with a BASc. in Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph.

In addition to BUFFnation, Natalie leads core strength classes as a physiotherapy assistant at KW Pelvic Health and is a freelance copy editor.

Natalie, her husband, Doug, and their 2 children, Jackson + Autumn, live in Waterloo, Ont., where they spend much of their time being active outdoors.

Sheri-Lynn DaSilva personal trainer at BUFFnation

Sheri-Lynn DaSilva

Sheri-Lynn DaSilva’s fitness journey started at the age of 47, 1 year after her colon cancer diagnosis. In 2017, she made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle and instantly felt a connection when she tried her first BUFFnation class.

The support and sense of community were amazing and exactly what she needed to stay motivated. “Being active during my recovery was so important, not only physically but emotionally as well.” 

In the summer of 2019, Sheri-Lynn enrolled in the Personal Training Specialist course at the University of Guelph and earned a certification with Canfitpro as a Group Fitness Instructor Specialist. Her passion has given her new teaching opportunities, at Pure Strength, a resistance training class at the university. 

When offered to become an instructor with BUFFnation, it was an instant yes! “I feel so blessed to help coach and inspire a community of women that have done so much to inspire me!” 

Sheri-Lynn is especially proud of the fact that she is in her early 50’s and is the fittest, healthiest, and happiest she’s ever been. “Having the chance to mentor and work with women in my age group is so rewarding! I feel like I can really relate to everything they are going through – we are all on this healthy lifestyle journey together!”

Sheri-Lynn lives in Cambridge Ont., with her husband Charles, where they enjoy camping and hiking with their dog Naiya. Her two children also live in the same city with their spouses and is now a “Gigi” to her granddaughter Lennon Rai who was born November 2020.